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Why We Need This Charity

At Kidzart we believe that every child should have access to the creative arts. Sadly there are many children whose access to these Arts subjects is limited and it is for these children that we have started our free creative days. We work closely with our participating primary schools, in inner cities or under-resourced areas, and the children and staff they send are encouraged to share their experience with others back at their schools.

“Many thanks for telling me about the good work of kidzart.
I wish you every success.”

Polly Toynbee, columnist for The Guardian

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Charity Status

KIDZART is a Charity Incorporated Organisation (CIO) and the constitution allows for people to join the charity as members. Members may also volunteer to be helpers.

Membership of Kidzart

If you are interested in being a member of KIDZART then please let us know. Subscription for voting members is £25 per annum.  A CIO can also have Associate members who will be kept informed of the Charity’s activities and this type of membership is free.
Please also get in touch if you are interested in being on our mailing list to be kept informed of our progress or if you feel you would like to contribute or help in any way.
Valerie Welham BA BArch RIBA
Chair of Trustees